About The Congress

Dear Colleagues,

  On behalf of the Taiwan Movement Disorder Society, we invite you to attend the 4th Taiwan International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders (4th TIC-PDMD) in Taipei from November 23-25, 2018. The main theme of the congress will concern the new horizon, new insights, and new developments of the rapidly growing field.

  The TIC-PDMD is a biennial congress initiated and hosted by the Taiwan Movement Disorders Society (TMDS). The first TIC-PDMD was held on March 30–31, 2013 and was proved as an impressive accomplishment, with more than 300 participants engaged in 45 talks with 20 internationally renowned speakers. The second and third TIC-PDMDs persevered the initial discourse and expanded the scale of the academic content, which rendered TIC-PDMD one of the most attractive congresses in Asia and a landmark of the Taiwan Movement Disorders Society.

  In the forthcoming 4th TIC-PDMD, more than 40 internationally renowned specialists and scholars will attend the congress and give talks. More specifically, we will focus on the most recent brain-gut hypothesis of PD, the therapeutic challenges of PD, and the non-invasive and invasive neuromodulation of movement disorders; the application of wearable devices and robots for the management of movement disorders; new basic neuroscience discoveries regarding movement disorders; and new findings regarding cerebellar and basal ganglia neurophysiology in movement disorders.

  On the night of November 24, there will be a video challenge session, and neurologists will be able to engage in free discussion during the meeting. Based on our previous experience, we expect around 420 attendees from across the world to participate in the Congress. Moreover, we are offering promising young participants the opportunity to apply for travel grants.

  In addition to the academic boon, this special gathering offers participants the exciting opportunity to make new friends and establish novel collaborations. Furthermore, Taipei is a friendly city, and guests may enjoy its vibrant culture during their stay. We offer all participants the opportunity to create wonderful lifelong memories in Taiwan.

With best regards

Chon-Haw Tsai, MD, PhD
Chair, Organizing Committee,

Rou-Shayn Chen, MD
Chair, Scientific Committee,

Shey-Lin Wu, MD, PhD
Co-Chair, Organizing Committee,

Ying-Zu Huang, MD, PhD
Co-Chair, Organizing Committee,

Chin-Hsien Lin, MD, PhD
Co-Chair, Scientific Committee,

Ming-Kuei Lu, MD, PhD