Aim of the Conference

We believe the attendees will target the following aims in the Congress:

  1. Consolidate the concept of gut-brain hypothesis of Parkinson’s disease and related disorders
  2. Understand the therapeutic challenge issues during the management of Parkinson’s disease
  3. Refresh the most update knowledge of common movement disorders including chorea, myoclonus, tremors, dystonia and newly immune-mediated movement disorders.
  4. Secure the prestigious information of neurophysiology in cerebellum and basal ganglia circuitry and adopt the concept to clinical practice
  5. Know how and when to use botulinum toxin injection, levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel, or deep brain stimulation for the treatment of patients with movement disorders.
  6. Learn the practically useful neuroimaging knowledge and know how to apply them for clinical studies and services.
  7. Know the non-invasive neuromodulation tools, including rTMS and MRI guided focus ultrasound, and how to apply them for the investigation as well as management of patients with movement disorders.